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Metal roofing reflects light and protects your home from heat and solar radiation. Call Straight Up Advantage Roofing & Siding Company to discuss ways of improving the energy efficiency of your house in the Meridian Township and Eaton Rapids, MI areas.

We use award-winning steel roof materials from EDCO. These roofing products are designed to improve the appearance of your house. Plus, they're durable-they'll last for years, guaranteeing your safety and comfort for the long run.

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You have a lot to gain from a metal roof installation. For example, you won't have to keep replacing damaged or missing shingles. Metal roofs are made to last a lifetime. They can handle any kind of weather. Your metal roof will be:

  • Lightweight
  • Fireproof
  • Quick to install
  • Durable
  • Impervious to snow

Straight Up Advantage has spent years of researching Metal roofing & The advantages to the customer. If you are a customer who is looking to install the last roof your home will ever need metal roofing is the way to go. The Metal Roofing industry is already a huge growing segment in the U.S. @ 4 billion annually. The expected Growth by 2024 is right around 7 Billion.

Metal Roofing has been long preferred in Agricultural settings, in part because homes are passed down from generation to generation. In more recent years Metal Roofing has been used as a design feature to compliment other materials. It has been proven over the years that the right Metal Roofing product has outlasted the structures they reside on.

Energy consumption & costs in the U.S. along is over 22 billion on air conditioning costs each year. 31% of all greenhouse gas comes from generating electric power. Energy consumption and costs continue to increase annually, worldwide. Metal Roofing is one of the most energy efficient roofing available in the market today.

The Roof is usually the first layer that wind, hail, wildfire and other hazards really begin to act on. The right Metal Roofing product will have a strong wind warranty (130 mph), be class A fire rated and class 4 impact rating. You may find that your insurance company will find you a discount on your insurance policy after installing a Metal roof.

Solar reflectance is the portion of light reflected off the roofs surface, primarily measure by the "cool roof" scale- a roof surface that stays relatively "cool" as compared by the surrounding temperature. "Cool Roofs", as rated by the CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council), can contribute significantly to the energy efficiency of a home, reducing A/C needs, lowering energy bills, improving indoor comfort, and lengthening the average roof lifespan.

Metal Roofing is also extremely light weight and able to be installed over 1 layer of existing roofing material (it will depend upon what the existing roofing material is). On average of being less than 100 lbs per square of roofing product this ensures the customer that the structural integrity of the home will not be compromised by the weight of the metal roofing( clay tile 700-1100 lbs per square, natural slate 600-800 lbs per square). The right Metal Roofing products have a durable multi coted finish and will require 0% maintenance for the life of the product. As compared to the products Metal Roofing has replaced, wood shakes, clay tile, slate roofs that sometimes require annual maintenance for those products to last. The average maintenance cost of clay tile, wood shakes and natural slate can be upwards of $1,500.00 annually.

Straight Up Advantage provides a wide selection of Metal Roofing products that we have narrowed down to have the best technology to fit your design and budget.

Agricultural Metal: 29 ga. 36" Standard Ribbed metal roofing at 36"w per panel. This has many colors to choose from and we only use XLZ wood binding fasteners with a metal cover plate to cover the neoprene washer. With this product all fasteners are exposed and visible.

Standing Seam: We provide 24ga & 26ga standing seam metal roofing products. We will roll this product out on the jobsite with our metal rolling machine to ensure all panels are cut properly and fit each different section of the roof line. These panels can be 16"w or 20"w sections. Most of the fasteners are hidden except on rake edges & hip lines. We will rivet or screw these trims down to ensure they withstand high winds. Fasteners will be color matched to the color of roofing you choose. There is a wide selection of colors with standing seam metal roofing products.

Metal Shingles: There are many manufactures of metal shingles and we have narrowed to 3 that have proven to put the best technology into their product.

Certainteed's Matterhorn line has Metal Roofing shingles available in tile, slate and shake styles with beautiful colors to choose from. The Matterhorn line also has multiple layers of protective coatings that are applied to each panel. These coatings create a self-healing surface and result in a metal roofing product that is quite literally, stronger than steel. Each Matterhorn panel is made of DDS High Performance Carbon Tech 90. Starting off with DDS High-Performance Steel Alloy, Thermally deposited Anti-Corrosive G90 Coating, an additional layer of zinc phosphate anti-corrosive layer that provides a superior bond for the paint system, Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology featuring PVDF Paint System and Energy Star rated Cool Roof Technology. Energy Star rated reducing surface temperatures 50-70 degres F, 25%-50% recycled content (Green), Fade Resistant, Cool Roof Technology reflecting up to 66% of suns rays, 130 mph wind rating, Class 4 Impact resistant, Class A Fire Rating.

Other Metal Shingle Manufacturers we will use for your application are Tamko Metal Works & Edco Metal shingles by Arrowline.

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