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Restore cracked or buckled shingles with our asphalt shingle repair services. Straight Up Advantage Roofing & Siding Company will fix your asphalt shingles so you can appreciate the look of your roof. We work with Atlas StormMaster Shake shingles. Atlas makes durable, beautiful shingles that you'll love.

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Asphalt shingles are the obvious choice for your roof. Their consistency allows them to expand and contract with the variable Michigan weather. You won't have to worry about your shingles cracking or breaking in the cold. Our shingles come with a lifetime guarantee against black streaking.

Our shingles also come in several different colors that are fade-resistant. We recommend Pinnacle Pristine shingles for your home. Choose from colors like:

  • Desert
  • Dove
  • Green
  • Heather
  • Copper Canyon
  • Summer Storm
  • Oyster
  • Sienna
  • Sunset
  • Weathered Wood

Straight Up Advantage has used many of asphalt roofing products over the years. We have determined the best product for the asphalt roofing industry is from Atlas Roofing Corporation. Atlas has been in business 1982 with 24 locations across North America & Worldwide. Atlas Strives to be different, Unique, innovative and most importantly accessible. Atlas Has also partnered with 3M to give you SCOTCHGARD quality protection on your roof against Black Streaks.

SCOTCHGARD GURANTEE AGAINST BLACK STREAKS: Atlas will back the manufacturing of their Pinnacle Pristine, Stormmaster Shake & Stormmaster Slate products with a Guarantee against Black Streaking for the life of the product. You may find you have a roof over 20 yrs old that does not have black streaks. The reason why is because Fly Ash was used as a filler back then. Fly Ash was not a food source for algae. When the resource of Fly Ash was running low the manufacturers had to come up with a filler that the resource would not run out of for any years. The filler used in asphalt shingle today is limestone. Limestone IS a food source for Algae. Over several years of testing different products to use in the granule process Atlas & 3M found that copper is the product that works best. Research has shown that a 10% ratio of copper needs to be applied in the granule process. Atlas Strives to provide at least 10% and has an average ratio of 14% copper granules inside each shingle that is produced. That is why when you use Straight Up Advantage our roofs will NOT Streak.

SBS: Atlas also incorporates SBS poly(styrene-butadien-stryene) modified rubber product into their shingles (Stormmaster Shake & Stormmaster Slate). SBS is critical for a many reasons & we will focus on a couple of them. Asphalt shingles without the SBS technology will harden up over time, dry out and shrink. When SBS technology is incorporated in the manufacturing process it will allow the shingle to stay in a less hardened state. This allows the product to expand and contract with weather and allows the shingle much more longevity on your roof. SBS also help the shingle become stronger vs impact. The Stormmaster Shake & Slate come with a Class 4 impact rating which is the highest level you can achieve.

Warranty & Guarantee: Atlas provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their asphalt shingle products. Included in that warranty is a 130 mph warranty protection. This gives you the customer the satisfaction of knowing your roof will hold up in very high winds. Straight Up Advantage will also perform what is called the Atlas Signature Select system on every full roofing application. What this means to you the customer is we will use all Atlas products on your roof, underlayment, starter shingles, pro cut hip & ridge shingles & the Pinnacle Pristine, Stormmaster Shake or Stormmaster Slate. Performing this system on every roof will give Straight Up Advantage to provide another backed GUARANTEE by Atlas. When using the Pinnacle Pristine Straight Up Advantage will provide you with a 15yr GUARANTEE Certificate direct from Atlas. When using the Stormmaster Shake & Slate products Straight Up Advantage will provide you with a 20yr GUARANTEE certificate direct from Atlas. This GUARANTEE & Warranty is fully transferable to a new owner if you choose to sell your home.

Straight Up Advantage is proud to be a preferred Contractor of Atlas products. Our goal is to provide you the customer with the BEST Customer Service, Quality of products & Pricing we can.

Straight Up Advantage will also provide a 15 yr GUARANTEE certificate for Workmanship & Labor on all full roofing projects.

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